Close Up Forever Summer

My friend, Ayee and I has been attending Close Up parties ever since and it became our tradition. This time we've decided to bring our friend, Jaja, so that the TRIO will be complete! And it was her first time to go to something like this, tbh.
Close Up never fails to surprise us as they bring the "Freshest beach party in the City" I personally like the theme this year because a) it's summer duhh! b) Who would've thought of a beach party... in a city, right? It's like a mini coachella!

Here are some selfies that I took while the Bae's are doing their make-up. Don't judge ok? LOL. I usually finishes mine prior to them so yeah. :)

I Dont have outfit shots because no one wants to take photos of me and they're too busy fixing themselves. Sucks right!? -_- Anyway, enjoy this no-feett kind of selfies (Don't ask, I like calling them no feet.) 

(Top: Forever21 | Shorts: Tommy | Cardian: Stole it from my boy-bestfriend)

Nails by yours truly :)

Enjoy these low-quality photos because I didn't bring my cam.

DJ Helena was one of my favorites next to Alesso! 

I also got to meet Coleen Garcia!

And Claudia Barretto :) (Excuse my forever haggard face)

Also, we found this really cool skateboarding park. I'll definitely come back here. 

And of course, the highlight of my night was when I bumped in to the love of my life..

Zoom in to his hand on my waist. I'm going to quote this one "The closer, the better!"

P.S. If you don't know my love story *ehem ehem* with Quen, it's in my old blog

So that's it! Thank you Close Up Philippines for this year. Can't wait to see what kind of crazy party you'll be hosting soon. 

Hope to see you guys at the next Close Up Party!


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