Tagaytay Hits

This is what usually happens when your bestfriend woke you up in the middle of your dreams to say 
"Wake up Bae! we're going to Tagaytay!"

I love this top from Forever21 because the material is thin plus it's a crop top! 

Mandatory Bestfriend Pictures with the redhead

My hair was supposed to be purple by the way but my previous hair was ombre so it ended up to be brown slash purple ombre. I'm thinking of getting it fixed once Ayee is back from Cali :D

It's my first time to try the "Fish Spa" (It took me five minutes of courage and praying that the fishies won't eat my flesh lol) All of the people in the spa were staring at us like we're some kind of freakshow! Who wouldn't go psycho with these cute little fishies right?

Taal Volcano :)

I was burning here to be honest (Tiis tiis din para sa picture)

We also drop by Nuvali to inquire about the Villages 

I'm hoping that next time I'll come back here to try wake boarding!



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  1. Wow that's a nice trip with your bff! :)

    Visit my blog if you have time and if you like it, feel free to follow me. I'd be so happy to see you on my blog! I'd love to hear something from you! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you! Sure I will :) Feel free to followback xx.

  2. Hi ate Yannah!! Can I tag you po for the Liebster Award?? :) Followed you!!


    Mga Tugon
    1. Hi! Yeah sure :) Thank you! I'll follow back <3