And I'm back! I've been drawn to my school works lately that I have no time to go out of the house to shoot or something. I still have loads of stuffs to do and I don't even know where to start. Who said being a college student is easy? It's hella not! Especially when your chosen field requires less sleep like mine.
I'm in my third year in Architecture school and sleepless nights isn't my concern anymore. Although I still recommend a good eight hours of sleep. As students, our first concern is to finish our works (or as we call it, plates) and submit it on time.

Spot the kitten?

Oversized Blouse: Forever21 | Shorts: Redhead | Boots: Dr. Martens

There are also times when you have the whole weekend to do your plates then you still choose to do it a day after. Haha. We all need a little break so why not right? But be sure that you'll finish it and you WON'T fall asleep on your other classes. :)


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