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Going on hikes is one of my favorite things to do whenever I have a free time. I used to go hiking when I was young because I was a Girl Scout back in Grade School to High School. Campings were my favorite part as a Girl Scout because I can go to places, embrace the nature, and be independent, not to mention, being free from all your responsibilities for three days at least. A lot of my friends do not like the idea of sleeping in a congested tent without phones and internet, I on the other hand, enjoyed it. 

Going on a hike and camping by shore are the luxuries that we can't afford as college students due to the fact that we have unlimited deadlines to meet. So whenever my friends and I have a day or two to spend freely, we make sure that we spend it wisely. 

We wanted to go backpacking and camp near the sea so my friends searched a place where we can do both. Anawangin Cove in Zambales seemed to be the perfect place to go, so without thinking twice, we packed our bags and left for another adventure.  We decided to cross the mountain to the beach instead of just renting a boat since we have a limited budget. At first it was okay but when we where at the middle of our hike, some of my friends- including me- were tired already, not to mention the heat because we were literally on the edge of the mountain without trees to shade us from the sun.

But with all the sweat and calories that I've burned, it was all worth-it at the end because I would not be able to see this jaw-dropping awestrucking awesome view from the top. I have seen many picture-perfect scenes but I never get tired of admiring every single one of them. God's works are beyond perfect and I'm thankful that I can witness such scenery.

Seeing scenes like this makes me contemplate about life because I'm a walking bundle of emotions, if that makes any sense. So here are three things that I realized while dripping in sweat and looking like a tomato:

1. If you're feeling unmotivated, down, or not feeling at ease with what you are doing, pack your bags and go on a trip. Take a breather and clear your mind from all the stress you are in. Your brain will not function well if you over-work yourself from your work or school.

2. Never settle for less than what you deserve. Always aim for the things that you want and work hard for it. But of course know the limits of your capabilities.

3. "Never give up, just do it" (pun intended). Nike sure knows how to motivate everyone. lol. But yeah, thou shall never let any obstacles stop you from reaching what you are aiming for. There might be some ups and downs, you might get tired to the point of giving up, you might lose some, but that doesn't mean that you should stop. If you gave up without reaching the climax, you wouldn't see the what is on other side of the mountain you are climbing. Whether it's good or bad, know that God is on your side and He wouldn't give you anything that you can't handle.


LA. ;)

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