Photo Blog: The Legend Palawan

Can I just say "Finally"? Well, Finally! My dad and I had been wanting to go to Palawan ever since. He's been to Palawan several times already and he said and I quote "Wanted to share you guys the experience." So we went there and it's kind of a last minute decision. I personally didn't think we'll make it because a.) I'm sick af. and b.) There's no available flight for the dates that we've chosen. All of the flights has been either all booked out or connecting flights which will make the flying so much longer. I have no problem flying 'cause I love it, to be honest. But my sister tend to have panic attacks whenever we took off. Luckily, three days before our target date, my dad found a flight going to Puerto Princesa via Air Asia through one of  his connections. Thank God. But of course, since cramming runs in the family, we packed our bags on the same date of our flight. Haha. 

We landed on Puerto Princesa Airport at around fifteen minutes pass six and we decided to relax in our hotel and do nothing. BUT! since not-staying-in-one-place also runs in our family, we went to a resto-bar called "TiKi" and had our dinner and some drinks. 

Anyway, here are some of the photos my dad (lol) took inside our hotel room!

Can't wait to show you guys the rest!



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