I dreamed to be Wendy ever since I was young that I was waiting for someone who will barge into my bedroom and take me to somewhere close to Neverlands with my brothers. Of course that will never gonna happen because a) No one can really barge into my room because my windows have railings. There is this rectangular thing that is placed vertically along the walls, a.k.a the door, where you can go in and out, hustle-free.; b) A boy like Peter, they only exist in our dreams. I mean, no one can really fly, right? If we can, then we won't be needing airplanes or any vehicle for transportation. And c) I don't have any sibling with the opposite sex. I only have a sister who's too old to crave for adventure.

Truth be told, everyone seeks adventure. Who wouldn't, right? Everyone longed to be in a place where you can be well, you. The world is full of mysteries and if you think that you're too old or too young to acknowledged your curiosity then you are wrong. There's always  a way if you are determined.

And the fact that I don't really know what am I writing right now is probably my cue to shut up, so I'll just share to you just what am I most curious of...

Who will be the Peter to me, Wendy?


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  1. everyone has their peter or romeo we just have to wait for the right time and man!! So gorgeous! :)

    Midnight Blues

    Mga Tugon
    1. "Patience is a virtue" haha I'll keep that in mind, besides we're still young! hahaha thank you Danielle! <3 x

  2. girl you look just like wendy with that dress! and how i envy your body youre so model-like! <3


    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you so much Yani! :"> I'm so kilig with your comment hihi. x