Beach Please?

I have always been a fan of beaches. There is something about the clear water that sparkles up every time the sun hits it and the blue sky where birds freely chase each other that brings out the chill person inside of you. 

For a girl living in a city, beach life is like a dream. Drinking cocktails by the shore while you watch the sun goes down the horizon, play beach volleyball, lay on the sand with nothing but bikinis on. 

Not to mention, you can also take instagram-worthy pictures!



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  1. These photos make me miss the summertime so much! The beach is one of my favorite places to just escape and unwind. Your photos captured it so beautifully!


    Looks by Lau

  2. Omg, your body is goals! And ganda mo:D

    I feel you on the beaches. I love them, they look so pretty and make me feel so calm and carefree!

    ♥ Charms |